Mike Brynked
Need Help? email: brynkstagram@gmail.com 
Mike Brynked
Need Help? email: brynkstagram@gmail.com 
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ONE TIME OFFER: One of the greatest ways to totally dominate in your city and get all the hotties is for the girls to see you EVERYWHERE. And right now, you can access my OMNIPRESENCE training that shows you how to do just that: Create Celebrity positioning in your city by being everywhere the girls turn. This training has never been released as a standalone training before ...and was previously only available as part of a $3,997 mentorship program. But you can get immediate access today for just $47. Check the box above to add this to your order.

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The "PlayboyVIBE" Program
Here’s a fraction of what you’ll learn…
  •  Proven Strategies For Breaking out of Social Anxiety, Fear and Negative Emotions
  •  A DANGEROUSLY powerful tool I used to transform myself from nerd to playboy (and my $3997 clients use to transform themselves).
  •  The Biology and Science of getting Confidence, Charisma, Charm 
  •  Why PUA strategies are DESTROYING your VIBE and how to fix that.
  •  How to FEEL like a billion dollars so you can get the billion dollar mouthpiece and never run out of things to say.
  • Get an abundance of hot girls, the 8's and 9's MAGNETIZED to your energy
  •  Biohacking strategies to rewire your brain and transform your persona
  •  How to MANIFEST high status bodylanguage, facial expression, and tonality that makes everything easy.
  •  How to get into complete flow using neuroscience and quantum biology.
  •  Get into STATE instantly.
  •  How to MASTER your own emotions so you can put girls on an Emotional Rollercoaster that makes them ADDICTED to you
  •  And much, much more!
You'll Recieve These:
  • #1:  6 Week Course ($2997 value)
  • #2:  Access to a private facebook community ($1997 Value)
  • #3: Monthly Group Calls with Mike Brynked ($1997 Value)
  •  #4: How to make income fast with Sales. Video training series ($997 Value)
  •  Bonus Week 7 - 5 Superpowers of having amazing social interactions
  •  Mike Brynkeds Personal Biohacking Routines
  •  $200 OFF BRYNKED University (Full Mentorship Program)
  •  Free 60 minute strategy sessions with Mike Brynkeds Partner and Assistant
  •  **Bonus Week 8 - Finding your deep inner identity and voice.** --> Massive Value
  • Everyday Price:                     $7,998
  • Your Price Today:         $497
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    This PlayboyVIBE program is designed to transform your VIBE so you can live the Playboy Lifestyle.
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